Bodybuilding Has Changed, Have You?

Many people believe that bodybuilding never changes and workout accordingly. The truth is, they are wrong.

Read on to find out if your part of the past or the future of bodybuiding!

‘Bodybuilding is getting bigger and more defined, isn’t it?’ – you are asking yourself.

Sure, while the theory of bodybuilding is creating a stronger, healthier and better-looking body, the path to the success has changed. Even scientists agree on this manner, and one of them is Brad Schoenfeld, a Ph.D. exercise scientist at Lehman College. He says that people should not be meticulous when it comes to getting bigger and stronger.

So, maybe it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and adapt to the new trends and aspects in bodybuilding – which we are sharing below.

  1. Reps

The way people do reps have changed. If you religiously practicing 12 reps per set, its time to step outside of your muscle-growth comfort zone and learn the new way.

The new rule in doing reps is blending various approaches; from low (3-5) to medium (6-14) and high (15+) sets of reps are now seen as the most effective approach.

Mixing up your reps challenges your muscles in different ways and will also avoid you getting hit with gym rep boredom syndrome!


  1. Muscles

Big news in muscles building. Targeting a muscle once a week and hoping for the best results is just not going to cut it. Sounds obvious right?

But if you are only targeting a muscle group once a week, e.g. leg day, then its not enough to pay dividends. You should work your muscles at least three times a week in order to make them bigger and stronger, so I’m afraid ‘leg day’ needs to become ‘leg days’ or simply incorporate them into your all over body workout.


  1. Sets

Don’t kill yourself to hit the last rep in a set. Traditionally we have been following sets until the last rep is done, pulling all sorts of faces and making crazy noises – even if it results in failure.

However, the new rules and science show us that leaving 1 rep is actually really effective and still builds you up, while preventing exhaustion and muscle strain.

As long as you are not counting out loud, no-one will even notice!


  1. Cardio

If you practice cardio on an empty stomach as your ‘golden rule’ to shed more fat, stop it. Studies have shown that you burn equal fat wether you are fasted and fed. Yes, equal fat.

This means no more starving during your cardio sessions and as you won’t be thinking about finishing early for some lunch or dinner, you are more likely to work harder and longer with fuel in your stomach.


  1. Nutrition

We have all been there, desperately trying to fit six small meals a day into our already busy lives. Everyone would tell you that it was essential if you wanted to get ripped and lean.

However, the new rules dictate that whether it’s three or six meals per day – all that really matters is adapting to your protein and calorie goals. If you get that right, it doesn’t matter if you eat 3 or 6 times a day.


  1. Supplements

Do you take every single muscle-building supplement and hope for big gains in every muscle? The industry loves as you are lining their pockets but are probably not getting much benefit.

You may want to reconsider your options if yes is your answer – and start simply consuming caffeine, beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate as natural sources for muscle growth. These are effective and simply components, on top of your protein and calorie goal, that will help you build muscles effectively.