Snowboarding Girl versus Bear!

Watch this insane video footage of a bear chasing a snowboarder down the mountain!

Now, we appreciate we are slightly off topic here, however its still fitness and it features a BEAR chasing a female selfie loving snowboarder down a mountain!

That is not something you would normally see in a gym or on a mountain!

Is it real? Who knows for sure but it certainly looks it! If you look carefully the bear is in the first frame stalking her, and then as she sets off it runs frantically after her until she makes so much ground it gives up.

I shudder what would have happened if she had come off!!

Maybe the bear just isn’t a Rihanna fan and the sound of her singing “Work” whilst she straps herself on was enough for the bear to want to chase her off the mountain!

Anyway, enjoy the video and please share with your friends! They won’t believe it either!!