Top 5 Incredible Reasons Why Women Should Love Weight Lifting

“But Doesn’t Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky And Large?”

First out of the gate, lets dispel that myth. Eating too much and not getting enough exercise will put on bulk a lot easier than weights ever will. Women’s bodies are different to men’s; thankfully we are designed to carry more body fat and less muscle, which means the chances of you getting bulky and large doing weights are well… slim, excuse the pun!

However, a lot of us choose to live in denial and spend all our workout hours doing just cardio, terrified that if we lift even the smallest weights we will look like a professional shot-putter by the time we leave the gym! Cardiovascular exercises only can never give us the benefits that weightlifting and resistance training can. Here’s a list of 5 top incredible reasons why women should love weight lifting:

1. You lose fat and build lean muscles

Lose fat and build lean muscles

While you’re on the treadmill, running and running for hours, you are hopefully losing fat and increasing your fitness levels. However, when you club cardio with weights, you not only lose fat but also gain lean muscle. And lean muscle is what makes you look great in the mirror. Not just that, when you do resistance training, you also tend to lose almost 40% more fat as opposed to doing only cardio. So pump it up and get lifting.

2. A stronger, leaner version of you

A stronger, leaner version of you

Contrary to the popular belief, women don’t bulk up due to strength training. Men, on the other hand have hormones that lead to muscle hypertrophy. Since these hormone levels are way lesser in women, strength training only results in lean muscles, sans all the bulk. If you do it right, you’ll also get toned muscles that simply need to be flaunted.

3. Become a better athlete

Become a better athlete

Who would have thought that lifting weights can actually make your athletic performance way better than what it was. Well, lifting weights the right way can actually go a long way in making you a better golfer, a better cyclist, a better skier among many others! Strength training improves your performance in sporting activities and most importantly, brings down the risk of injury.

4. Increases your strength

Increases your strength

Be it carrying your kids around, or hauling your luggage through a series of stairs, you’ll be able to do any of these tasks and many more all by yourself. Lifting weights and doing resistance training on a regular basis increases your strength. With this increase in strength and stamina, you’ll be able to do all your daily tasks without breaking a sweat. Now, that’s called being independent!

5. Say goodbye to depression

Say goodbye to depression

We all feel under the weather every now and then. However, in extreme cases this could lead to depression. A study conducted by Harvard showed a great decrease in clinical depression after 10 weeks of regular strength training. Women who regularly exercise and challenge themselves by lifting weights are more confident and spirited. This factor by itself wards off depression, and makes women happy and emotionally balanced individuals.

Being happy, lean, independent and strong are only a few benefits that come with strength training. There can be many more in the list.

Please share these Top 5 amazing benefits of weight lifting with all your friends and family members. Break the common myths and buckle-up to lift that 20lbs today!